Mission: The Environmental Sustainability Department fosters the stewardship of the global environment, our unique mountain ecosystem and wildlife, along with the economic and social sustainability of our community.

Vision: The Town of Vail is a recognized global leader in sustainability, demonstrating aggressive action on global climate change, resource efficiency, ecosystem protection and community awareness and education. We realize this vision through strategic partnerships, public education, sound science and capacity building.

Program Overview

The Environmental Sustainability Department is responsible for implementing programs and initiatives related to climate change, renewable energy, resource efficiency, ecosystem and wildlife protection, open space and community awareness and education. Staff members work on an organizational, local, state-wide, national and international level to influence policy and design programs to drive sustainable practices. Programs and initiatives are guided by goals established in the Environmental Sustainability Strategic Plan.

Environmental Sustainability Policy

“The Town of Vail shall serve as a nationally recognized leader in sustainability through a commitment to community partnerships and balanced stewardship of human, financial and environmental resources in policy and daily operations.”

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Environmental Sustainability Strategic Plan

Town Value: Natural Environment

Vail Values the environment as a source of health, beauty, recreation and economic strength that makes Vail a special place to live, work and play. As stewards of the environment, Vail is committed to promoting sustainable environmental practices in every aspect of the community.


  • Solid Waste Stream Diversion and Recycling
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Ecosystem Health
  • Sustainable and Economic Development
  • Public Education and Communication
  • Transportation

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