The Vail Local Licensing Authority (Liquor Board) meets the second Wednesday of each month beginning at 10am in the Vail Town Council Chambers in the Vail Municipal Building.


This volunteer board reviews all Town of Vail liquor license applications.

Board Members

(Term Expires)

  • Kirk Hansen (06/2024)
  • Ross Cohen (06/2023)
  • Mike Szmaida (06/2024)
  • Bob Mckown (06/2023)
  • Bryce Bastolich (06/2023)

To qualify for the Liquor Board, applicants must be U.S. citizens, qualified electors of the Town of Vail, reside in the Town of Vail no less than two years preceding appointment and have no direct financial interest in any license to sell alcoholic beverages or any location having any such license.