The Department of Public Works consists of five divisions: Engineering, Public Works Maintenance (streets and roads, parks and landscaping, and facility maintenance), Transportation and Parking, Fleet Maintenance and Art in Public Places.

Public Services

The Town of Vail Public Works Department provides the following:

  • Operates the town's year-round free transportation system
  • Operates the parking structures
  • Maintains streets and roads, plus coordinates street sweeping (cleaning), snowplow and sanding operations
  • Creates holiday ambiance at gateways and in commercial core areas
  • Beautifies Vail through construction and maintenance of town parks, planting flowers and trees throughout town, plus designating art in public places
  • Operates, repairs and maintains town buildings
  • Prepares construction plans and specifications for capital improvement projects and inspects and administers contracts related to Public Works projects
  • Conducts studies to determine if traffic related improvements are warranted
  • Maintains and repairs town vehicles, including buses and equipment

Purpose Statement

To provide safe, essential and enduring services and an infrastructure that supports Vail's economic, environmental and social well being.

Mission Statement

“Continue to improve our quality of services every day in every way.”