Funding Opportunities and Application

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Funding for Cultural Heritage:

This category funds events and programs with a mission to preserve, enrich, and sustain the cultural and historic legacy of Vail. Contributions will focus on funding arts & cultural heritage, archives, history and legacy, natural landscapes, community, and local government. Events and programs that qualify for Cultural Heritage funding are not categorized as Signature or Destination events and are not annually funded by the Commission on Special Events. Organizations approved for funding in this category will receive a one-time contribution to act as “seed money” to help launch a new idea for programming that would meet the mission of the category.

Council Contribution funding requests are organized into five designated categories for funding consideration: Signature events, Destination events, Services, Cultural Heritage or In-Kind. Criteria for submission in each category are listed below.

Contributions will be evaluated and awarded to applicants who can show the contribution will be used directly to benefit the entire community of Vail, fulfillment of the Town’s mission, and how the contribution will affect our resort community’s future health. Funding is subject to approval by ordinance of a budget appropriation.

Please Note: Event and Education Enrichment funding applications are available through the Commission on Special Events (CSE). Application for the CSE are available at Event Funding Application Information. Outside of in-kind and service requests, applicants can not apply through both the CSE and Council Contribution funding process.

Annual Contributions
Annual contribution requests are considered during the annual budget process for the coming year. Town Council reviews the application along with staff recommendation for contribution requests submitted by the June 30 deadline. Applications on the website become active June 1.