Vail Municipal Court is a limited jurisdiction court of record, established to hear violations of the ordinances of the Town of Vail.

These ordinances involve criminal offenses; traffic violations; animal control; waste materials and the environment; municipal sales tax; and motor vehicle parking.

Vail Police officers can write tickets into Vail Municipal Court as well as Eagle County Court. The Information on this site applies only to Vail Municipal Court. Please check your summons to see in what Court the summons if filed. Please check for.

  • issuing police agency
  • court location
  • date you are to appear in court

Citation begin with the letters VPD, followed by 6 numbers. Check Vail Municipal Court name and address to determine the jurisdiction of your court appearance like the example below.


The court also manages warrants, probation, accounting and administration. Court clerks by law are not allowed to give legal advice but will answer procedural questions for defendants. Jurisdiction is exercised over juvenile and adult offenders. Court offices are open from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Call 970-479-2129 to confirm lunch hour.

Penalty assessment tickets may be resolved by mailing in the ticket with a fine payment while some charges require a mandatory court appearance. Be sure to read your ticket carefully. Court is held the first and third Thursday of the month with the schedule as follows:

  • arraignments in the mornings with traffic at 9:30am and general ordinance violations at 10am.
  • pre-trial conferences with the town prosecutor are held from 9am to noon.
  • Hearings and dispositions are scheduled at 1:30pm and trials to the court are held at 2:30pm.
  • Juvenile and animal control sessions are held the first and third Fridays of each month, with juvenile violators appearing at 10am and animal control violators appearing at 11am.
  • Jury trials are set on select Fridays, when necessary.

The courtroom and prosecutor's office is located on the second floor of the Vail Municipal Center. The court offices are located on the first floor. Parking is located directly west of the building's entrance. It is recommend that attendees make alternative child care arrangements since no child care is offered on site.

Some basic protocol for the courtroom include: no food and beverage; wear appropriate attire including shirt, shoes and removal of hats; persons in the courtroom should remain seated and quiet; cell phones and pagers must be turned off; and unrelated materials such as books, magazines and newspapers should not be read when court is in session.