Sole Power Overview

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About Solepower

Sole Power started in 2011 with the goal of getting as many community members participating as possible.  In our first year participants logged over 19,000 miles!  To Date, Sole Power participants have logged over 180,000 miles!

Sole Power is a free green commuting challenge for the Eagle Valley. The challenge runs from Memorial Day through Columbus Day. Members can track their mileage and carbon emissions over the course of the season.  Sole Power is a great way to get to work, have fun, save money, and get fit over the summer season. Throughout the season there are social events, mini competitions, and prize drawings.  It doesn’t matter how you commute: walk, bike, run, skate, etc.  As long as it is not in a motor vehicle, you are welcome to join.

All of that fun stuff aside, it helps to reduce carbon emissions and save the planet!  Sign up today!


Why Participate?

Why not? Human powered commuting is a great way to exercise, it can be fun, it saves money, and it helps save the planet. Imagine how much money you can save with fewer fuel bills.

If those reasons are not enough- do it for the prizes, the parties, and the competition. Challenge a friend, challenge a rival business or club, challenge yourself. Sole Power is a great way to meet people around the valley at our social events and even discounts available at various sponsoring stores.


Who is this provided by?

Sole Power is supported by the Town of Vail and a number of generous community sponsors in the Vail Valley. The goal is to promote healthy lifestyles, find alternative transportation, encourage community engagement, reduce our carbon footprint, and of course to have fun.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of Sole Power is to provide a fun way to reduce our carbon footprint, get fit, and save money all at the same time. Summer is a beautiful time in the Rockies and we have some amazing trail road and trail connectivity in the valley. The challenge encourages healthy and active lifestyles and takes advantage of the non-motorized transportation infrastructure in the valley.

How does Green Commuting save the environment?

Consider that emissions from a gallon of gasoline contain nearly 19.6lbs of Carbon Dioxide which is one of the main greenhouse gas contributors to climate change. Therefore, if a car is driven an average of 30 miles a day, 300 days a year, that’s 9000 miles per year and roughly 360 gallons of gasoline. Which would result in around 7,000 lbs. of carbon emissions.

Individual and Team Leaderboards

There are two leaderboard options that you can look at on the Sole Power site. The individual leaderboard will include the total number of trips, fuel saved, and carbon emissions reduced for each participant. The team leaderboard will show the totals for each team that has been registered. In the team leaderboard page, you can click on a team to see each team member and their trips.

Solepower | Participate Today!

Pass On The Gas
Bike - Walk - Run - Log for the environment

The Town of Vail, the Vail Recreation District and Friends across the Vail Valley are excited to bring you the Sole Power Challenge – a free summer contest designed to help us all reduce our carbon footprint, get fit, and save the planet and dollars all at the same time. Don’t delay, sign up today!